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For optimum peformance

For optimum performance, proper liquid and vapor distribution are of critical importance. To complement the random and structured packings, a wide range of internals is available such as high quality liquid distributors besides the standard type, support plates, hold-down plates, gas / vapor distributors, liquid collectors and gas / liquid flash devices.


Gas-Liquid Phase Separator

In case of flashing feeds it is important to separate the two phases from each other.


Liquid Distributor

Liquid distributor and redistributors in metal and plastic


Liquid Collector

Adequate for every applicationt


Hold-Down Plate

For random packings and structured packings.

Multibeam Tragrost Type SP-1

Support Plate

For random packings and structured packings.


Gas Distributor

In case of low pressure drops a good gas distribution is important.


in Packed Columns

Nowadays, the ever-increasing efforts to achieve a process with optimal chemical engineering characteristics demand modern mass-transfer columns, i.e. high mass-transfer efficiency but a minimal energy requirement. These demands can only be met by the use of modern packed beds if the internals in the packed columns – liquid and gas distributors, hold-down and support structures, liquid collectors and redistributors – are designed according to modern principles. The gas and liquid distributors, which must be carefully designed and mounted with the greatest accuracy, are of prime importance in this respect. Detailed investigations into the uneven distribution of liquid in packed columns (maldistribution) have highlighted the influence on mass transfer efficiency of uniform distribution over the column cross-section. Properly designed support and holddown plates are also important if a reduction in throughput is to be avoided. Increased pressure drops may sometimes result from the use of an inadequate support plate.


Furthermore, there have been cases in which the tower packings have been damaged or even swept away due to the absence of a hold-down plate. The costs arising from the resultant malfunction in the downstream plant installations due to this damage are generally higher than the price of a hold-down plate. Our range of internals includes many types and sizes, manufactured in metal or plastic, and designed according to the state of the art of chemical engineering.

A modern column design demands a basic understanding of the fluid-dynamic flow relationships in mass transfer columns. Experiments in the pilot plants at Raschig have in the past produced important criteria for designing internals, criteria which are taken into account in every new design project today. We would be happy to advise you and are able to offer tailor-made solutions to your individual problems.

Metal Plastic
Hochwertiger Flüssigkeitsverteiler DT-S Metall und Kunststoff
High Quality Liquid Distributor DT-S
Niederhalterost HP-1 Metall und Kunststoff
Hold-Down PLate HP-1
Multibeam Tragrost SP-1 Metall und Kunststoff
Multibeam Support Plate SP-1

Available Materials:
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hastelloy, Titan, Copper, Aluminium, Nickel, special Alloys…

Available Materials: