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Feasibility Study

A feasibility study is the evaluation of a realization plan for a future project or a column revamp study. Quite often the management of a chemical, refinery, petrochemical and environmental plant is raising the question about increasing plant capacity, product yield or enhancing production efficiency. To answer these questions in time a high degree of experience, know-how and superior design software is needed. RASCHIG has a group of educated engineers to prepare feasibility studies. Based on the available project references RASCHIG has an excellent reputation on the global market in regards to revamps and grass root designs.

Process Simulation

RASCHIG uses different commercially available Process-Simulation Software packages to simulate and design industrial processes. Furthermore RASCHIG has developed proprietary mass transfer algorithms.


Some times performance problems can arise during plant operation. This can happen after start-up of grass root plants, but also after process parameters have been adjusted during regular service. In general the root cause for such failures is hard to identify. Even small changes in the temperature profile of a column for example can have a severe effect on the internal flows and result in local flood phenomena.

In case problems come up during plant operation, our experienced engineering staff can give the following support to find an adequate solution:

  • Process Simulations
  • Process Evaluation
  • Hydraulic and mechanical check of the installed equipment
  • Experience for interpretation of column scan results

  • On-site inspections